Moves 2.6.6

How much do you move?

Keep track of all your movements with Moves, an app that uses GPS tracking and motion sensors to detect your daily movements, whether by foot, car, or transport. 

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  • Simple and clean interface
  • Movements tracked in multiple ways
  • Ability to edit method of transport
  • Integrated with other fitness apps


  • Uses a lot of battery
  • Sensors sometimes inaccurate

Very good

Keep track of all your movements with Moves, an app that uses GPS tracking and motion sensors to detect your daily movements, whether by foot, car, or transport. 

Time, distance and calories

More than just a pedometer, Moves tracks your movement by foot, bike, and transport. All you have to do is put your phone in your pocket or bag, and Moves will start tracking your movements. Along with tracking steps, it also tracks distance traveled, time, and calories burned. All the info is displayed in colored bubbles, which you can tap to switch from one measurement method to another.

Your route appears on an in-app map that shows you exactly where you've been with a time stamp. You also have the option of adding location labels to places so that you have a better idea of where you were. Colored markers display which method of transport you were using on which part of your route: green is walking, purple is running, and blue is cycling

Swiping left and right will show you your Moves day by day, while swiping the screen from the top down gives you daily or weekly summaries. You can get daily summaries of the previous day set as push notifications too. 

Moves also gives you the option to use its data in other fitness apps, including OptimizeMe.

Simple movements, simple interface

Moves couldn't be easier to use. Simply open the app and it will automatically start tracking your movements. To turn off tracking, close the app. 

The minimal black interface with colored bubbles makes navigating the app really simple too. You can scroll down the page to see more of your route for the day.

Another big plus is that the app will store your tracking data if you don't have a Wifi connection, updating you're tracking once you're connected again. 

The biggest downside of the app is that it really eats away at your battery life, since GPS tracking is constantly on when using Moves. 

Another issue: the sensitivity of the app could be a bit refined, as it sometimes clocks me as riding a bike when I actually walked, or vice versa. In general, however, Moves does a pretty good job distinguishing between methods of transport. Luckily, you also have the option of changing the method of transport if it was recorded wrong to get more accurate data.

The right time and place

Moves might not be the most advanced fitness app on the market, but it's simplicity and nice interface are what make it standout. If you want to know where you've been, how long its taken you to get there, and how many calories you burned doing it, Moves is the perfect app to help you track that information. 

Moves automatically tracks your everyday exercise, commuting and time spent in important places. Just carry your phone in your pocket or bag. FEATURES • Automatically tracks walking, cycling and running • Recognizes the places in your daily life • Shows your day as a simple storyline • Plots your routes on a map • Step counter (pedometer) • Calories burned for each activity More features available from the Connected Apps catalog. BENEFIT Seeing your everyday life in a new way can motivate you to move more. Set simple goals (e.g. 10,000 steps a day) and start with small changes that can lead to a fitter lifestyle and healthier habits. BATTERY CONSUMPTION Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Moves has been designed to use GPS and other sensors sparingly. The app relies mostly on acceleration data, cell tower and Wi-Fi locations. The new Battery Saving Mode will further minimize battery consumption when stationary in a place. IMPORTANT NOTES ABOUT IOS 7 Moves needs to run continuously in the background to track your activities: 1. Ensure that you have BACKGROUND APP REFRESH turned ON for Moves (iPhone Settings > General > Background App Refresh) 2. If you close Moves in the multitasking view by swiping up (this is the view you get by double-pressing the home button), Moves will be turned off until you open the app yourself again. Category icons are the copyrights of Foursquare Labs, Inc.


Moves 2.6.6

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